Ten Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs a Legal Blog

Did you know that approximately twenty seven percent of law firms in the United States have blogs? Even if you have never thought of yourself as a blogger, it may be time to think about adding a blog to your law firm’s website. If you wonder what a blog can do for your law practice, here are ten reasons why every law practice should have a blog:

  1. Blogs attract potential clients. Many potential clients are foregoing the phone book and going straight to the internet when they need the assistance of an attorney. A blog can make sure that your name turns up in their search results.
  2. Blogs attract search engine traffic. All kinds of people use search engines to look for answers to legal questions every day. From potential clients to law students to companies looking to hire in – house counsel, internet users are typing in search terms that could lead them to your law firm’s blog – if your law firm has a blog, that is.
  3. Blogs help turn visitors to your law firm’s website into paying clients. If a potential client uses a search engine to look for an answer to a legal question that she has, and one of your blog posts comes up as a match, she will most likely visit your blog to read that post. If the information in your blog post seems relevant to her situation, she is likely to call the phone number listed on your blog or fill out an online contact form so that she can discuss her situation with you in the hopes that you might be able to represent her.
  4. Blogs enable your current and potential clients to learn more about you. Today’s clients want to know all about you and the other attorneys in your local area, and they are doing quite a bit of research online before they make any inquiries or phone calls to attorneys whom they feel are a good fit for their needs. When you make information about yourself and your law practice available to the public through your blog, you get your name in front of potential clients who are doing research online.
  5. Blogs are a great platform for providing useful information to current and potential clients. Present clients feel that easy access to helpful information is an additional service that you provide to them. If a potential client visits your website and is able to find clearly written, easily accessible answers to some of the questions that he has regarding a potential lawsuit, he is likely to call your office or fill out your online contact form to see whether you can answer his other questions.
  6. Blogs help to build your online presence and establish your reputation as an expert in the practice areas that your firm handles. Law students, law professors, judges, lawyers, and others in the legal community read blogs. A well written blog is a great tool for building your reputation.
  7. Blogs let other attorneys learn more about your level of expertise, and provide a way for them to become familiar with you and your law practice. This can lead to referrals both now, and in the future.
  8. Blogs add an interactive aspect to law firm websites. This is a vast improvement, when you consider what many law firm websites look like without a blog. Many law firm websites look and act like printed brochures, one – way communications that contain the same couple of pages of generalized content for as long as they sit there in cyberspace.
  9. Blogs get your law firm’s name in front of journalists and others involved with various forms of media. Media exposure can generate leads that could turn into clients either now or sometime in the future.
  10. Blogs can serve as a creative outlet for attorneys. If you enjoy writing, contributing to your law office blog can be a great way to combine your love of writing with your legal knowledge. Also, in researching topics for blog posts, you can learn new things and even discover information which is helpful or relevant to your daily practice.

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