Reasons Why Your Law Practice Blog is not Attracting Clients: Part I

When you added a blog to the website of your law practice, you may have expected a surge in client intake inquiries. While many law practice blogs do generate quite a bit of interest on the part of potential clients, there are some that don’t. If you are in the unfortunate position of wondering why your law practice’s blog is generating little to no interest, check out the following list of three reasons why some law practice blogs do not attract clients, and what can be done to turn an ineffective law practice blog into the client generating tool that it was meant to be.

  1. Your blog posts are not useful to potential clients. One major reason that some law practice blogs do not attract clients is that the blog posts do not provide any information that potential clients can use. When potential clients research their legal issues online, they type in search terms that are related to the problems or questions that they have. While it is true that they may be directed to your blog if those search terms happen to match the key words that are sprinkled liberally throughout your blog posts, they will not read your blog for long if they do not see a blog post that provides useful information. Potential clients are searching the internet for answers to legal questions, and if your blog provides the answers to the questions that they have, there is a good chance that they will contact you and ask you to help them resolve their issue.
  2. Your blog is not updated on a regular basis, or it is updated infrequently. Blogs that are updated sporadically or infrequently fail to attract clients for two reasons. One reason is that the frequency with which a blog is updated figures into search rankings. The other reason is that blogs that are not regularly updated, or that are updated infrequently do not attract regular readers. Perhaps a potential client landed on your blog while searching for an answer to a question, and they found the answer on your blog. If someone likes what they see when they visit a blog, they may return to that blog from time to time to see what’s new. Perhaps that potential client does not need a lawyer right now, but if they do in the future, they are likely to contact you because by reading your blog they have already come to know your law practice as an authority on legal information that pertains to them.
  3. Your blog posts do not contain a call to action. If your blog posts do not contain a call to action, readers will simply read them and move on. Law practice blogs that attract clients include a call to action at the end of each post. A call to action reminds everyone who reads the blog post that there are attorneys at your law practice who can help clients with the specific legal issue that they just read about. More importantly, it invites readers to contact the attorneys at your law practice for help. If a potential client reads a post on your law practice’s blog, and they find themselves feeling like that post speaks directly to them and addresses a legal issue that they need help with right now, your call to action provides them with a logical and natural next step for them to take in the direction of resolving their legal issue.

If your law practice’s blog is not attracting clients, it is time to get it back on track. For answers to your law practice blog questions, speak with an expert, not a sales representative. Call (800) 877-2776 today.

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