Creating a winning strategy for your new law firm business blog

Formulating and implementing a successful strategy when creating a new law firm blog is essential to developing an online audience and generating potential new clients. There are a few key factors every new business blog should consider before posting initial content. These considerations will help you to create a long-term strategy and target the necessary site visitors relevant to your area of legal practice. The following are several steps to help you get going in the right direction:

  1. Identify the field and/or subject matter of your work. The top blogs focus on specific practice areas and specialty industries, not their firm brand. This will also narrow and attract blog visitors and clients you are looking to target for future business. Address topics that are relevant to your area of practice, and common issues that come up or are often discussed from your own personal work experience. Often times, visitors are looking for content associated with issues or problems they are currently facing.
  1. Identify your audience. While the objective of creating a blog is to generate actual business, input, opinions, and feedback from industry commentators and colleagues may be just as lucrative in creating online awareness for your viewership and potentially new site visitors. Driving traffic to your website might very well happen as a result of interesting, reliable, note-worthy content. Engaging other types of media, whether, magazines, television, etc, can also give your site instant attention and recognition in your field.
  1. Develop awareness. Its important that you pay attention to what is being written and communicated on the Internet. This in fact, is far more important than content itself. As a blogger, one way to create an audience beyond the discussion of your field of practice, is to consider touching on outside topics. For example, addressing current and relevant news and legal issues in an effort to stimulate current visitors, while also drawing in a potentially larger, more diverse audience.
  1. Networking. One major aspect of blogs many people fail to realize is its importance as a tool for networking. Blogging isn’t necessarily about marketing. Interacting with visitors, engaging in their commentary, and even sharing outside content on your blog is an excellent way to create introductions with new people. More opportunities are likely to develop simply by putting yourself and your practice out there to as many people as possible. Your never know how business transpires.
  1. Invest time. Creating a successful business doesn’t happen overnight, and all of its necessary components must be developed and nurtured.  With this is mind, creating a successful blog takes an adequate amount of patience and time. Gaining exposure through the Internet in a credible, reliable way, often times takes longer than expected to create a sizeable audience and a solid reputation. Believe it or not, its much faster to do it this way, than simply trying to attract attention without the help of blogging, social media, or any presence on the Internet whatsoever.
  1. Utilize other forms of social media.  Using as many forms of social media in conjunction with blogging, albeit in a productive, efficient way, is the best method for reaching and creating a large audience and attracting visitors to your site. The primary, well-established social media outlets are those we are all familiar with—Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. However, there are other social media services you may consider looking into, for example, submitting to blog directories.

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